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Ok some of you may already do this, but I wanted to post it since it applies to most every vehicle you buy now days.

If you are using LEDs to light your interior at night you can easily control how bright they are by using the "illumination wire" on your radio harness if you have an aftermarket HU. This will allow your illumination wheel to adjust the voltage sent across the illumination wire.

I did this in my Chevy S10, had the lights run thru the illumination wire left over from the aftermarket HU install, still had them on a switch so the LEDs could be knocked out completely without affecting the illumination on the dash components.

Another option is to install a 12v dimmer switch connected to a solid 12v, but seeing as the interior illumination wheel is essentially that and already controls the illumination wire left over from your aftermarket HU some might choose it.

It all comes down to this - work with what you have (I seriously recommend installing a switch no matter what for when they NEED to be off and you still be able to see your cluster) or spend a lil bit of money for a 12v dimmer switch and do it separately from the rest of the vehicle.
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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