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My 2012 Versa SL driver's door actuator has been replaced for a third time! The same cable tip gave way each time. This is a defect my friends. I am not an abusive auto owner. I do not use my car for deliveries or frequent stops. 2015 was the first time it happened and I had just passed the warranty threshold. 2018 it happened again, same cable end tip gave way. No alternative except to replace the whole damn actuator assembly. Most recent happened in January of 2021. SAME PROBLEM! There is no way that this design is acceptable. The pictures show my third actuator that has failed. The assembly on the left is in pristine condition. Two of the three cables have their ends intact. Extremely disappointing is a polite understatement. I am pursuing a reimbursement from Nissan of my costs to replace the entire actuator assembly three times for one tiny faulty cable.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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