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Introduction And Thoughts on 2013 Versa MPG Updates From 2012?

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Hi All

New to forum as just purchased 2012 SV, just a week ago. I purchased on our company’s VPP plan so with discount it was a deal we just couldn’t pass up.

So have had the car for a week, no complaints, but just wanted to check in with anyone if they had comments on the technical difference with the 2013 model versus 2012. Is it marketing, to get 40mpg on the highway, or the real deal; meaning something really engineered to get 40mph highway?

If you have questions on what I’m talking about, go google the terms reprogrammed CVT 2013 Versa Underbody Ducting (no quotations on search).

I noticed when we looked on the lot that the 2013s had on window sticker a highway mileage of 40mpg, but 2012 was only 38mpg. I really didn’t think too much of it at all when buying, and not too concerned about it now.

My simple goal with this car is for it to survive, with the required maintenance, our two teenage drivers as they finish high school and start into college…that’s it…so it will serve its purpose.

Well here’s the question…did anyone who recently purchased a 2012 now have buyers regret (I did for about just five minutes:>) in that it looks like Nissan did make some 2013 changes to the CVT programming, adding a spoiler, and some underbody panels, for the 2013, so that it will now crank out 40mpg on highway?

I’m not really looking too much into this going forward than what I'm typing now, just wondering if anyone had any more details on what Nissan actually did to change the CVT programming. I’m an ex aircraft mechanic so can work on cars; but here's why I'm asking, longer term.

I’m not going to make any changes now, but is this a PROM chip that we can reprogram, or ask the dealer to reprogram so that the 2012 will get same mileage?

When I first looked into the 2013 mileage changes online a bit and how they did it, I thought a bit about taking the 2012 car back and seeing if we could exchange, but hey what the heck…the 2012 was a good deal (beat buying a used car for the kids) and since I doubt we’ll be taking this car on the on the highway much and trying to crank out 40mpg. It’s an around the town putt-putt for us and that’s fine.

But on the mechanical side just wondering if anyone had any more technical details on what they changed on the CVT programming to crank out 40mpg for 2013 versus 38mpg for 2012.

Also wondering they did to change the “underbody ducting” – is this something that can be added to a 2012 to make it get better mileage?
I’m not super crazy about the spoiler on the 2013 either, so sort of glad we don’t have it (or maybe I’m justifying our 2012 purchase subconsciously :>.

Plus our other non-Nissan older car has a spoiler on it, and it has turned into a place for my family to leave their groceries, cell phones, purses while they load stuff up in the car. :)

Again, if you have questions on what I’m talking about, go google the terms reprogrammed CVT 2013 Versa Underbody Ducting (no quotations on search).
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In Canada anyway, i've found the government mpg ratings fluctuate yearly, even when no changes were made, so take the ratings with a grain of salt.
Also i think, Nissan has added a planetary gear set after the cvt to reduce the gearing and engine revs for the new Versas[2012 and up i believe], and people are seeing a real world difference in their mpgs with cvts. Same with the 2013 Altimas i believe, and probably the 2013 Sentras too. So you can expect some nice results, if ya don't wear out the floorboards under the accelerator lol. edit so far my 16 year old has been kind to our Versa and Altima, so i hear ya
Welcome to the club!

I just purchased a 2013 Versa SV. I haven't ran through the first tank yet, but once I do I will let you know the MPG off that tank. The engine isn't broke in yet though, so it may be somewhat off.
My first tank was 35.6MPG with mixed driving. Not sure how much if any it will change after the engine is broke in.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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