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Owner of 2013 Nissan Versa looking for information on resolving CEL issue. Have had new neutral safety switch installed code cleared and then four days later the CEL came back on with the same code being indicated. Appreciate any advise or suggestions.:frown

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Owner of 2013 Nissan Versa looking for information on resolving CEL issue. Have had new neutral safety switch installed code cleared and then four days later the CEL came back on with the same code being indicated. Appreciate any advise or suggestions.:frown

Hope this information gives you a little insight into what could possibly involved:

The neutral safety switch keeps the vehicle from starting when in any gear position other than Park or Neutral. In some vehicles, the switch also monitors gear selection and reverse light feedback data for the vehicle’s computer. Most often mounted to the left-hand side of the transmission, the switch is equipped in vehicles with a transaxle or automatic transmission. Some vehicle neutral safety switches are attached to the shifter mechanism.

Keep in mind:
Connected to the starter solenoid, the neutral safety switch completes the starter circuit, allowing the power from the battery to reach the starter only while the gearshift remains in Park or Neutral.
The mechanic will check the other systems in your vehicle’s ignition system, such as the starter, battery, and alternator, to make sure those parts are not causing the problem.
As a vehicle ages, the neutral safety switch deteriorates.
How it's done:
The vehicle is raised and supported on jack stands. The transmission shift lever and cable are removed. The electrical connector is removed from the switch.

The neutral safety switch is removed from the transmission. The transmission shaft seal is checked for leaks and replaced as needed.

The new neutral safety switch is installed on to the selector shaft and secured while aligning for proper installation alignment.

The shift lever and shift cable are reinstalled. The vehicle is checked for proper neutral safety switch operation before the vehicle is lowered off the jack stands.

The vehicle is scanned for codes and proper switch indication of gear ranges and road tested for proper operation.

Our recommendation:
Replace a faulty neutral safety switch as soon as possible; otherwise, the vehicle will stop working or suffer engine damage. When the switch does not work properly, the vehicle might jump into gear upon startup. This not only causes damage to the engine itself, but poses a great physical threat to surrounding objects and people. Our expert mechanics will diagnose the neutral safety switch to see if it needs adjustment.

Transmissions that exhibit excessive vibrations cause the switch to go out of alignment over time, which makes vehicle ignition more difficult. When inspecting the neutral safety switch, our expert mechanics check for dirt and grease build-up, moisture, and corrosion. They will also use a test light to confirm a connection through the switch to the starter solenoid.

What common symptoms indicate you may need to replace the Neutral Safety Switch?
Engine turns over in any gear, indicating that the neutral safety switch does not work properly and needs replacement
Vehicle doesn’t turn over when in Park or Neutral
Check Engine Light turns on after ignition
How important is this service?
Replace a faulty neutral safety switch promptly, as driving without a functional switch presents a danger to other drivers, passengers, and those around the vehicle. A faulty neutral safety switch damages the engine, as the vehicle jerks into gear upon startup. The reverse lights could stop working on some vehicles, which creates a safety hazard especially during inclement weather or nighttime.

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All of that may be 100% worthless without the EXACT code NUMBER given there, misinterpretation of codes is the most common mistake made by DIYers.

Codes only point at conditions encountered by the ECM, NOT EXACT PARTS TO REPLACE. OP or mech has already committed the grave error there, if the switch was the problem, why didn't a new one fix it??????????????? Was any diagnostic to weed the switch out as the problem done at all? The old one may have been fine.

Why when I used to read codes for people at the parts store I insisted on them writing the exact number down even if it pissed them off (typical of the incompetent, and please don't take that personal as it is not meant that way), it stops stupid mistakes like that. And why if asking online one should ALWAYS put the exact code out there, as more work without it just potentially costs you more money in dumb guesses. When you simply tell others what YOU think is wrong with car then you predispose all your answers to very possibly be incorrect. I saw mistakes by the hundreds when I was in parts with people doing that...$$$$$$$$$$$$ for nothing.

Here's the biggie there...........................if the code is the one I'm thinking it may well mean transmission issues instead of the switch. Depends on if car is MTX or ATX or CVT and not said either.
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