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iphone 3GS / Bluetooth ?

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Just wondering, does anyone have the iphone 3GS?


Have you been able to pair it successfully with your bluetooth?

I have heard the 3G iphone has worked good with the bluetooth, but I want to make sure the 3GS works fine before I get it.

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I have the 3g once my versa comes in I can let you know how it works as they haven't made any changes to blue tooth between the phones. They're also both running the same software.
Okay, ya let me know how it works. So far all my other phones have hooked up in seconds, but I have heard mixed things about the iphone.
Make sure you get a car charger for the phone if you get it. I rarely use the blue tooth cause it seems to just drain the iphone battery. Not too bad if you're only using it for phone use(you'll have to charge it nightly) but if you are like me and you play games all day on it at work then you'll need to charge it constantly.
Lol. No I'll probably just use it as a phone, but I plan on getting a charger for it.
But first I have to get the phone. I'm still debating about getting it.
Well from experience it's the best phone I've owned and by far the best smart phone I've had, and I've owned a lot of smart phones. I would like the 3gs cause it is supposed to be a whole lot faster, support 30fps video, and the new processor is supposed to increase battery life by quite a bit.
LOL. Ya I would like the 3GS phone (16gb) ... it's just the monthly plans that are a killer.
Yea smart phone plans are pretty deadly. My iPhone plan is much better than my old BB package tho. I'm paying about $60/mo compared to my old $120/mo I used to pay for it.
Yes ... with a corporate rate from work it would cost $60 / month plus a $6.95 system access fee.
Right now I have a corporate package from about 3 years ago, it is only $20 / month and I don't have to pay the $6.95 system access fee.
So I would be making a huge jump in cost every month :(
Oooh I am jealous right now! However my iPhone is more than a phone to me tho.

However I got confirmation I'll probably be able to let you know how well it works after sept long weekend as I will be getting the car thursday/friday next week and then going on a 4 hour drive north in it.
Okay. Yes let me know how it works. It will be a while before I purchase the phone ...
even if you cant use the bluetooth the iphone still comes with headphones that work perfectly fine.... and if you have a GPS unit most of those are bluetooth capable so you could go that route... i say go for it... i just bought my wife the 3Gs for her birthday and she just loves it... i want to get one soon....
Ya ... I want it, but over here talking on the cell is going to be illegal in the fall. And since I paid for the tech package to add Bluetooth to my Versa I want to make sure it works before investing in it. And I don't have a GPS so that would not work ... lol ... ;)
But I have heard the 3GS is great ... I really want a white one to match my Macbook.
what's your avatar at Jered?
Avatar? Or signature? My signature is me lifting at my first provincial powerlifting meet back in July.
avatar...the picture beneath your user handle, like ILMV08 has her red car...
Found out today that I don't qualify for an 'iphone' upgrade. If I want to upgrade to the iphone it would cost me $599 for the 16gb 3GS instead of the regular $199 that NEW customers would pay.
Seems completely unfair considering I have been a Rogers customer for 4 years!! Told them today I'm switching companies as soon as this contract is over. Going to look at FIDO, they offer the iphone as well.
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