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We have a 2010 Versa SL with the iPod stereo connector cable. It works well enough, but there are some concerns.

- Heat builds up like mad in the compartment that holds the iPod, and heat is no friend to electronics. Sure, I can open the little door, but then I need to remember to shut it when we go into a store or restaurant. Then open it again... rinse and repeat.
- There is also the matter of remembering to bring the iPod with me out to the car before a trip, and back into the house afterwards.

So, my potential solution is this gizmo: CableJive dockBoss5: Smart USB and audio adapter for iPhone and iPod docks. Basically, I am hoping to use this adapter to plug in a USB flash drive into the iPod cable. Then I can leave a cheap flash drive in the car all the time.

Question is: Will it work? Has anyone ever tried something like this before?
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