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Is it worth it.....

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I'd like the forums opinion about our 2011 1.8L 6 speed manual.
It has 167K miles on it and runs well.
We bought it a few years ago used, with about 121K miles.
SInce then I've put new plugs, coil packs, rear brakes, transmission oil and a catalytic converter. Oh and a passenger side CV joint.
With a consistent 30+ mpg, it is hard to find fault! :)

The "looming" concern is about the clutch. And I know that's dependent on driver skill. The car is currently driven by my 62 yo girlfriend exclusively. She's fair to good, with a clutch. She drives relatively sanely...Just don't tell her I said that!!!:rolleyes:

At the moment, the clutch pedal has proper height and pressure.

At this time, we can't afford to keep a car that may become too problematic in the future....

So to my questions...
Is it reasonable to think this car can continue to provide good service into the foreseeable future? Based on what most folks experience here is?

My main concern is the clutch. Anything else?

Many Thanks for your thoughts! :)
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I don't get it... Is it worth keeping a car that currently runs fine? Or is it worth a clutch replacement if/when it's needed?
Sorry, I mean is it worth the cost of getting a clutch put in at this point in the cars life.... I'm trying to get an idea of there is some upper point in time and mileage where there car isn't worth cost.. Thanks for looking and taking the time.....
If the clutch isn't slipping, then keep driving the car. Even when you start to feel some slipping it may not be the clutch. I had one car that I thought the clutch was slipping and it turned out to be just the "throw out" bearing. That was a pleasant surprise.
As far as the rest of the car, have you (previous owner) done all of the maintenance?? Oil changes, etc.?? Any other issues/problems with the car??
With any vehicle there is always going to be some "maintenance/repair costs". Anything with moving parts is eventually going to wear out, so you will have to spend some time or money repairing any car.
In my opinion, your repair list sounds minimal for a car with 167K on it.
Do you like the car?? Does your girlfriend like the car??
Thanks for your reply..

Yes, we both like the car.
Yes, we'd keep going with it if at all possible. At this point we know it and are planning to continue keeping it going with needed repairs.

From what your clutch experience has been, sounds like the clutch in Versa's tends to hold up well.

No, no issues that I can see for now.

We bought it a few years ago from a used car dealer. It passed Carfax, but that's all I know for sure. I have gone through the owner's manual and looked at or had looked at all the maintenance to this point to see it has been done.

What I apparently didn't make clear was what do people here in the forum experience, generally, with a well maintained Versa. Like, after so many miles or time, do they see a car that can make 200K miles? Are there some potential big repairs people tend to experience?

My hope is we'll keep driving it for years.

Thanks for your time ...
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I have a 2016 Versa (manual trans) and I don't have that many miles on it, so I really can't answer your question about how many miles one should expect to get on a clutch. I do think (a major factor in clutch wear) is how the vehicle is driven. Gentle treatment of any car will extend the life of its components.
In my youth, I did have a 1974 Datsun Pickup (nissan engine) and put over 200K miles on it... rust killed it (I lived in a snowy climate back then). I purchased it used and I don't think the previous owner replaced the clutch, so I do think it was on its original clutch when it went to the crusher.
Do I think its worth putting a clutch in an older car?? Yes, provided you like the car and there are no other major issues.
Thanks for your thoughts!

Yes, I agree, gentle treatment gets you much further down the road...It took me a few years of my misspent youth to find that out... :)

My concern is getting that message across to my girlfriend before she finds out the hard way. Not that she is really harsh, but anything that helps her see the light before expensive repairs.....That's really my main goal....

Yes, I'm familiar with older vehicles that could go for what seemed like forever on the original clutch. My Uncle bought a new '69 Ford F-100 with a 240 six and three on the tree, At 144K, he sold it to his son's friend. My cousin and his buddy figured it must need a new clutch after that kind of miles. My uncle thought they were wasting their time. He was right. It was hardly worn when they pulled it. They sheepishly replaced it anyway. The old clutch hung around my uncle's farm in Vermont for years, as a testament to his clutch use. Oh, my uncle was an 18 wheel trucker...Yup, he was a very smooth driver :)

Your point about it being worth replacing the clutch makes good sense. Especially since the car seems to be in otherwise good shape..

Thanks for the help!
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My $0.02 - Don't fix what isn't broke.

Just because the car has high mileage doesn't mean the clutch is bad - I had a Saturn go well into 200K on it's clutch....mileage doesn't mean anything.

The "test" I've always used is: At a dead stop, put the car in it's highest gear, 5th or 6th, and let out the clutch, just for a second. If it stalls, your clutch is fine....if it keeps running, your clutch is near death.

At 120K is a Nissan Versa worth a clutch replacement? Judgement call. I personally wouldn't do it, because this is a throw-away car to me. But if it's worth it to you, then yeah, replace the clutch. BUT....if you're replacing it anyway, I'd suggest getting a cheap clutch and pressure plate - don't go with genuine Nissan, because the rest car will never make it to needing a 3rd clutch.
Wise counsel....Thanks!

When I was younger, I used to fool with things to the point of "I shoulda left well enough alone.." The
only "fool" was me.... :)

This sounds to me like the only real worry is in my head. And I can fix that!!

Many Thanks and have a great Sunday....Oh, don't forget the clocks! :)
I think it can do it. After all, manual transmission cars have fewer problems and are very fuel-efficient and durable
Thanks for the positive perspective! :)
Over the years, I've found that true generally.
Since we got this used, I had concerns that the car might have been driven hard on the clutch.
It works and works well now, so I'll go find something else to worry about!! :)
Let's look at it from a "numbers" point of view. Even if the clutch goes out tomorrow (and the rest of the car is OK), you are looking (at most) a $1,200 bill. If you purchased another car, your payments would probably be between $300 to $400 per month. Your clutch repair would be equivalent to only 3-4 months of car payments.
Excellent point!

There is never a problem spending to keep an otherwise good vehicle going along....And we LIKE the car, so it's not like we're looking to replace it, unless it is the only choice.....

When I was a kid, we had "inherited" from my fathers parents, a 1952 Dodge Coronet, with GyroMatic transmission. That old semi-automatic trans and hadby familiar "thump" when it shifted. The car was like an old friend to a six year old kid :). But in the Summer of 1965, the thump stopped and required a $70.00 repair at the time. My father said no and tried to get by with one car. Didn't work..

I remain disappointed. Since it has been nearly 58 years, guess I better get over it!!

Many Thanks Rick :)
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