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Is it worth it.....

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I'd like the forums opinion about our 2011 1.8L 6 speed manual.
It has 167K miles on it and runs well.
We bought it a few years ago used, with about 121K miles.
SInce then I've put new plugs, coil packs, rear brakes, transmission oil and a catalytic converter. Oh and a passenger side CV joint.
With a consistent 30+ mpg, it is hard to find fault! :)

The "looming" concern is about the clutch. And I know that's dependent on driver skill. The car is currently driven by my 62 yo girlfriend exclusively. She's fair to good, with a clutch. She drives relatively sanely...Just don't tell her I said that!!!:rolleyes:

At the moment, the clutch pedal has proper height and pressure.

At this time, we can't afford to keep a car that may become too problematic in the future....

So to my questions...
Is it reasonable to think this car can continue to provide good service into the foreseeable future? Based on what most folks experience here is?

My main concern is the clutch. Anything else?

Many Thanks for your thoughts! :)
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Something somebody told me a while back applies here. I used to worry a lot about things like this, but now I "drive more, worry less"
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