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Is regular Prestone antifreeze OK?

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Or do I need to buy some special Nissan coolant from the dealer?

I'm going to do a coolant change and a local radiator shop suggested I look into the Versa needing special coolant from Nissan.
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i think Prestone is fine. years ago the concern was compatibility with aluminum. no "nissan only" i believe...or just top up with water
The only thing that I've been told that would be good to get done by Nissan is the trans service, since Nissan has specific fluid that is needed. Or, at least that is what I was told by a local repair shop.
got the 6 speed.
Standard anti freeze should be fine. I get the 50/50 blend.
Prestone extended Life Antifreeze

Good Morning,
I am the tech manager at Prestone Coolants. Prestone extended life coolant exceeds all ASTM standards for coolant set forth by Nissan. You can drain and flush your cooling system and use Prestone extended life coolant in your Versa. If you need instructions, I am happy to send them, just send your year and engine size to [email protected].:thumb2:
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