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Is there a recall ont the Cat for the 2009 versa?

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My daughter was told by the stealership that there was. But, they were on back order. We left Florida before the 6-8 weeks that they said that it'd take to get the part in. As I understand it, all emissions parts are covered by a 8 yr/80,000 mile warranty per government mandate. Can somebody confirm this?

Thanks in advance.
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Are dealerships really that bad that you need to use that word? I hate that word.
I can say that with confidence about the one in Panama City.

I do realize that no two dealerships are the same.
Mitchell doesn't show any TSB's or recalls for cats when i looked it up for an 09, but hey, getting a brand new cat is never a bad thing! OEM list price is probably almost $1000 if not over that. Nissan's internal system is obviously the best ressource, Mitchell is usually/almost always up to date but it is a secondary ressource.
Cool thank you for following up.

We scheduled the car in on Tuesday. They insist on re-diagnosing the cat at that point though. They will have to order it after that. The good news is that it will be fixed.
They'll get shit from Nissan if they claim too much warranty in a month period, cats are a big ticket item. Simple to diagnose though.
replacement NIssan OEM cat is around $500-$600. I replaced mine with an Eastern Catalytic Direct fit unit for about $200. The fit wasn't as "direct" as they'd have you believe, but it did fit with a little muscle-ing. Overall it's a smaller unit, so getting it in the spot is easy, but the flanges weren't welded on at the right angle.

The Cat itself did not fail, what did fail was the exhaust flange, which rusted through at an alarmingly fast pace, and left much of the exhaust dangling.

Dealerships are what they are; high cost labor, high cost parts, piss poor diagnostics, but generally quality finished repairs with factory parts.

I find it's pretty easy to negotiate part prices with them though. I recently had the factory tow package installed on my Quest; they wanted to charge me $650 for the receiver and $275 for the harness... I got it at $400 for the receiver and $125 for the harness. Still more than a U-haul unit, but looks very nice.
Aftermarket cats have a tendency to break down after a couple years, they may get you past an e-test for the first year or two but after that they don't do their job. Which is why they're cheap.
I got 6 years out of the crap OEM steel used for the exhaust. The cat itself was fine, but that's a moot point since it was unusable. I couldn't even clean the steel (what was left of it) up enough to attempt a weld patch.

If I get 2 years out of an aftermarket cat, and I have to replace 3 of them, I've broken even on cost between OEM and aftermarket.
Yeah the welds on these exhausts seem to have poor penetration/adhesion.
Strangely enough, Nissan in Panama City call yesterday letting us know that the part is in. They must have the worst inter-office communication every being since we've been here for well over a month LOLZ.

We took the car into Larson Nissan in Fife, WA to get re-diagnosed today. The customer service was nothing short of stellar. The cat will be there in the morning and will be fixed in the morrow.

This affirms my impression that not all dealerships are the same.

Thanks to everyone for your feedback and help.
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