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I have placed one of my photography thermometers in the air vents and I believe there is some heat leaking by the air dam which may not close 100%. On the Versa the hot water is always circulating through the heater core, whereas, on my 2003 Galant there is an electrically operated water valve that shuts of the hot water flow to the heater core in addition to the air dam that closes. I am tempted to install a shut off valve in the heater coolant hose in the engine compartment to improve the AC in the car which has to fight some of the heat sneaking by the air dam. Maybe a project for next year. I like what Mitsubishi did; the only drawback is having to replace the electric motor in the water valve every 9 years.

Frank 2009 Versa S sedan MT-6 with over 35K miles
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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