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jamaican sensation

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hey guys just got an o7 sedan 1.6 auto. Not gonna go crazy this time. Just some 17s and may a mild drop 1.5" (maybe) I had a sentra se-r spec v before that i absolutely went crazy on. I just sold my 04tsx (loved it). I really love the interior space. Dunno how they did it. but its like the inside of the tardis (doctor who reference :p) One thing tho my windows and door locks stopped working the day after i got it. i think its computer related. I tried the key fob programming to test if the locks worked and the doors all opened when i inesrted the key 5 times meaning its not a wiring or fuse problem..It was parked for a while. Anyone know whats goign on with my windows and locks?
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Welcome to the group.
Only suggestion I could make is disconnect the battery overnight(some may say a different time frame) and then reconnect, this should reset the computer. others please chime in if I am giving bad a computer tech rebooting the computer is the first step ;)

Welcome to the forums. And yes, the Versa is a Tardis :)
Welcome to the forums
Thanks for the welcome. Update: I finally programmed the key fob remote (easy as pie your gramma can do it) so i removed the window fuse and tried the remote and nothing happened. When i put the fuse back in the door locks work fine with the remote but still nothing from inside the car. no windows no locks from any of the doors inside. I'm gonna take it to the shop on Saturday. Still looking for tips before then tho.
Hello,I need to vent and hopefully become educated with the effects of a dealership putting the wrong oil in my 2007 Nissan Versa. Bottom line is if only synthetic Oil has been used in the vehicle and now Avondale Nissan out of Avondale Arizona disregarded direction and put in conventional oil during a routine Oil change what problems can occur with this as well as how can I make them responsible for their irresponsible actions. I feel very slided by the fact that they are acting as if its no big deal without even an oops. I learned of it when I went to have the oil changed at a closer location that synthetic oil was not used. I wasn't charged for synthetic but never realized it as a Car part was rung up on the invoice so the amount never stood out. The fee is not the issue the issue is what can it or has it done to the engine. Please advise. Thank You.
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