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I have searched this website somewhat in vain. I have seen my problem mentioned but not a clear definitive answer.
I purchased a 2009 Versa that has had the front bumper cover changed.
Now the top rear coners ( both sides) pop out away from the headlights. They will not stay secured. I pulled them away enough to look at the area and noticed there are tabs that slip into the bottom of the headlights but nothing there to lock these tabs in place. Are there supposed to be metal clips in the headlights?
I did read a post that metal clips are screwed to the bottom of the headlight to mount the cover in. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks , Jim G.
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The same problem happens to me, and i kick it everytime to put it back to place.

it will come out again in few minutes. dont know whats the fix to this
Buy a screw clip ( that's not what they are called just can't remember ) drill a hole I the bottom of your head lights ( be careful ) attach clip to tab, screw tab to headlights. Just one option.
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