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How's it going guys. I'm Josh and I'm from Tampa, Florida. I've had my Versa since March of 2010 and I love her. She's a 2010 sedan, silver, charcoal gray interior, 1.6 motor, and 5-speed manual tranny. :thumbsup:

-OEM HR16DE :)

-Removed pinstripe
-DIY 07-09 front grille
-Painted lower grille black(silver from factory)
-Clear turn signal bulbs
-OEM splash guards
-Wal-Mart fogs
-Painted front and rear "lips" black to match sideskirts
-Painted calipers and drums black
-Plasti-dipped wheel wells black
-1996-1998 Honda Civic Mugen style front lip
-eBay blackhoused headlights
-Front bumper "quick release"

-Kenwood headunit
-Tinted windows
-S dash trim
-Cheap-O tweeters
-Pioneer speakers
-SL center console
-Custom shift boot
-SL A-pillars
-SL sun visors with mirrors
-S shifter ring(silver)

-Ksport coilovers
-Ultra Racing front strut brace
-Ultra Racing rear strut brace(hatchback)

-Drag DR44 17x7.5 +42

-Keep it clean! :thumbsup:

After purchase...

Her interior...


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Welcome, and enjoy the site!!!

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welcome nad i thought 2010 had the new grill and all versa where 6 speed not 5? learn something new lol
Thanks for the comments. And versa s 2007, mine is 5speed instead of 6 because I have the 1.6 engine. I believe the 1.8 engine has the 6speed(not sure).

Went to Nissan and saw this 1.6 sedan so I had to park by it...


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JoshG and 2dr_sentra meet up

Met up with 2dr_sentra and took a few pics...

I know I(silver Versa) need wheels, they'll come at the right time. :)

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nothing wrong with the steelies man im rolling on em too lol have you painted yers?
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