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JoshG: 2010 Versa 1.6

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How's it going guys. I'm Josh and I'm from Tampa, Florida. I've had my Versa since March of 2010 and I love her. She's a 2010 sedan, silver, charcoal gray interior, 1.6 motor, and 5-speed manual tranny. :thumbsup:

-OEM HR16DE :)

-Removed pinstripe
-DIY 07-09 front grille
-Painted lower grille black(silver from factory)
-Clear turn signal bulbs
-OEM splash guards
-Wal-Mart fogs
-Painted front and rear "lips" black to match sideskirts
-Painted calipers and drums black
-Plasti-dipped wheel wells black
-1996-1998 Honda Civic Mugen style front lip
-eBay blackhoused headlights
-Front bumper "quick release"

-Kenwood headunit
-Tinted windows
-S dash trim
-Cheap-O tweeters
-Pioneer speakers
-SL center console
-Custom shift boot
-SL A-pillars
-SL sun visors with mirrors
-S shifter ring(silver)

-Ksport coilovers
-Ultra Racing front strut brace
-Ultra Racing rear strut brace(hatchback)

-Drag DR44 17x7.5 +42

-Keep it clean! :thumbsup:

After purchase...

Her interior...

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Is that a sub box or just the back side of your rear seats behind your tool box? Any specs on it if its a sub?

Ultra Racing front and rear brace bars

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Im not feeling the silver wheels either. THe gold ones arent bad. At least they didnt come off a wrx. >:D

I see you went from your year steel oem to a later model alloy oem to the dark gold to those bright silver ones. How has the ride and mpg been through those changes?

Me, Ill likely go with a black or close to black lightest listed on tirerack and up to an 85 series tire. Then may go to a coil over kit as they seem rather cheap for this car and lower it an inch to make up for the added height of the 85 series tire.

The gold wheels, sorry
1 - 2 of 224 Posts
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