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Just a lil venting........

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So some of you know I went through hell n back to get the paint issues on my 2011 V fixed. Even had to get my attorney involved to get it fixed right. We'll I have had it back for say 5 weeks. And thursday morning about 5am we get a hellacious storm. I awake to the sound of hail pounding the house, get up with WTF thoughts running through my head. Eventually hail stops and Im like thank god. But 5-10 minutes later it starts again. It starts and stops for a total of 7 times. Dropping dime to quarter size hail. At this point Im totaly F$%& me.
Go out at first light and the roof and other surfaces look like it was dropped upside down on a gravel pile. So now Ill lose it for another month probably so they can get it fixed. Hey karma and mother nature Kiss my a&* and go f*&$ yourself.
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My car has been through many of the hail storms, too, but I've been lucky to not see any damage. I cringe when we get them. One time, they were quarter sized!!
That sucks. I've never had to deal with hail here. Hope your v gets fixed soon.
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