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It is an S

1. It is automatic. How do I know if it is 4 speed or CVT?

2. It has the PS light so I suppose it has power steering, but I can't find the PS pump or where to check and add PS fluid.

3. What brake fluid to use? Is DOT3 OK?

4. How do I know if it has anti-lock brake?

5. What automatic transmission fluid to us? Do I have to buy expensive Nissan product?

6 Same as 5 for Power Steering fluid.

7. Is Prestone extended life antifreeze OK to use?

8. It has 78K miles using dino motor oil, is it safe to switch to synthetic motor oil? Car is 4.5 years old. I heard that old cars should keep using dino for gasket/rubber part integrity. That is, oil leaks that were clogged up from using dino will unfortunately open up. How old is too old to switch to synthetic? But I also heard that this problem, of old gasket opening up after switching to synthetic is a thing of the past as new formulations of synthetic won't do that. If so, which brand of synthetic is known to be the best in this regard, that is , not causing leaks on a old dino car? Castrol, Mobil? Quakerstate (cheaper)?


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1. If you can feel the car shift it's 4at and not CVT. edit* just found out only the SL in 07 was available with CVT. You have an AT4.

2. There is no fluid as this is an electric ps system

3. DOT3 is ok

4. if the ABS light illuminates when you first start the car it has ABS, or you feel a click in the pedal when you first start driving. Or you can test it :D

5. No any ATF approved for use in Nissan will suffice

6. see my answer number 2

7. Yes prestone is OK to use

8. You are good to switch. Though a leak can arise it is not common. I hear Enos is the best synthetic but hard to find and overkill. Just use any stocked at your local store. I personally use Walmart synthetic and Pure One oil filters.

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Is Dextron III suitable replacement for Nissan ATF D?

Does the Versa AT have a drain plug at the AT pan?

If it does, I am tempted to not drop the pan to change any AT filter.

Does the Versa 4-speed AT have a filter to change? Is there any advanatge to drop the AT pan?

Are there magnets at the pan to pick up metal dirt?
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