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Just Checking Up

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Hey everyone its been a while since I last been on this forum. I gave my versa away about a month ago and bought an rx8. I still want to check up to see what new things have been going on with the versa.

Heres a pic of the versa before I got rid of it.

Heres my new ride the rx8. I love it.
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What's going on dude, RX8 looks good. I'm guessing you got it from a Honda dealership? Bunch of CR-Vs in the background.
haha thanks guys I love the car. Sometime I miss the V though. but 4th gen you are correct. I had to track this specific rx8 to a honda dealership. The car was just shipped from florida to here.

How are your v's doing?
Sounds good, Florida cars dont see snow(unless it's from the northwest side) so that's good. And my V's great, just enjoying that great MPG til warranty expires and I can mod it. How's your RX8?
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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