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Just Checking Up

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Hey everyone its been a while since I last been on this forum. I gave my versa away about a month ago and bought an rx8. I still want to check up to see what new things have been going on with the versa.

Heres a pic of the versa before I got rid of it.

Heres my new ride the rx8. I love it.
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haha thanks guys I love the car. Sometime I miss the V though. but 4th gen you are correct. I had to track this specific rx8 to a honda dealership. The car was just shipped from florida to here.

How are your v's doing?
Rx8 is running smooth. I just ordered an agency power exhaust for it and been looking for a decent sized turbo for the rx8. other than that not too much just been enjoying incredible handling.

Any progress with the nissan versa? Last time I was on here a couple months ago there was talk of a supercharger for the versa.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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