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Has anyone else ever had the thought of reversing the flow of heads in any car in general to be more turbo friendly? Unfortunately having the exhaust ports facing the rear of the car is not ideal for turbocharging especially in a Versa (that firewall gets HOT as it is), so what about reversing flow? Switch the cams and valves around and retime it to correspond with the change.

I've also thought about it for V8's, my 1987 928 in particular, space is very tight in 928's as well, so putting a turbo (s) in the V of a V8 is ideal for that issue, and GM has been doing it for years with the 6.7, and Ford as well with the Powerstrokes. Heat is not as much of an issue in diesels I understand that, so it would be an issue to contend with, but nothing good insulation techniques can fix (with V8's). Mercedes does it too in their diesel V6's, and I think BMW has done it with a gas engine in a production car.
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