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Just picked up a damaged '12 sedan, let the fun begin.

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It's an SV model with under 6,000 miles that was owned by Hertz. Took a light hit to the left front, no airbags were popped. Needs a fender and headlight for sure. The bumper cover may be saved. The front door is a bit crumpled at the front so I hope a door skin is available for it. No damage to the hood or grille. I think I can get it done around $1200-$1500, less if I can find used parts. I post a pic when I get it home.
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Welcome to the forums, sounds like an easy fix. How much did you pay for it? If you dont mind me asking.
My V had a light hit in the left front before i bought it, can just see the paint difference and some "wrinkles" behind the grille. Have fun! Welcome!
Welcome and enjoy the modding!
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