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Just watched a Mazdaspeed3 get WRECKED

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It seems that whenever I DON'T have my dash cam running, all the exciting stuff happens. I was just driving my brother home and saw a wicked nice speed3 get smashed.. We had previously been stopped at a light and I had rolled down the window and told him I liked his car. He waved and drove off when the light turned (not racing/speeding I might add) and some dickhead pulled out of nowhere and T-boned him. He tried to swerve out of the way, but was unsuccessful. It probably minimized the damage however and may have saved him his life. Of course I stopped to help since I have first aid training and I'm studying to be a cop. The mazda driver was being really cool about everything, but the driver of the minivan who hit him was being a total douche, yelling about how fast he was going and not having any traction in the slushy condition. Luckily both drivers were fine, although the mazda is definitely totaled and the van looked like its in pretty bad shape as well. I stayed and told the police what happened and also swapped numbers with the mazda driver so that hopefully we can meet up sometime.

At least something good came out of it.

I hate stupid drivers.. Just sayin'
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wow the main thing is both drivers are okay and noone got hurt because that would really really really suck
Was it a young guy in the van? For some reason younger ppl in vans are dicks, or from my experience they are.
Props for being the good samaritan
it was an middle-aged guy in the van. He just clearly wasn't paying attention/wasn't looking before he pulled out.
That sucks for the mazda kid. Hate it when a nice car gets wracked for no good reason. Props to you for been a good samaritan though.
I figured if I didn't stop and somebody was injured karma would come back and bite me in the a$$. haha
Slush and poor traction? ''Drive according to the conditions'' is probably what you're learning at cop class. Glad MazdaSpeed3 guy is ok:thumb2:, nice car too:(
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