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Keyless entry - remote keypad on door

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I have mostly been a KIA fan over the last couple years but recently happened upon a very nice 2007 Super Black Versa HB; 56K miles, super clean I picked up at auction for $7200 + fees.

With the prices of the used KIAs, XDs, Fits, Mazdas etc all going up, I am going to play with the Versas for a while.


The car came with a keypad mounted on the exterior of the driver's side door.
Obviously this is the keyless entry option or accessory.

But since I bought it from auction, i have no way to know the correct entry code.

The local NISSAN dealer (Sutherlin - Mall of Georgia) was totally useless.
Well not totally, they tried to look at some paperwork, but shrugged.

Anyone have info on resetting the code, factory default, etc etc?

Thanks in advance!
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hmmmm, did you unplug the battery and wait like 20mins? There's got to be information on how to reset it.
yes, try unplugging the battery for 20 minutes.

check the owner's manual, if nothing there, then go to a different dealer, take your ID, insurance information and registration to let them know the car is in your name. if not, they're not going to help you 100%

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i installed one on my X and it was wireless just peeled and stuck it on it came with instructions that had the mastercode i can't remeber if you can get the master code off the unit or not with out having to peel it off. I'll look around and see if i can find the manual to it
I'm pretty sure disconnecting the battery will have zero effect as it is just a wirelss entry keypad stuck on the door and acts similiarly as a wireless key fob.

For those that wanted to see a picture:

Likewise, taking my paperwork to the dealer will not be of help, since they contend they don't have service or installation instructions for this option.
In other words, you gotta buy a new one to get the instructions.

Yes Fearmedic
It's wireless I am sure, since it is sold as an accessory.
Stick on - sounds about right.
I'm sure it must have a small battery inside, maybe even a reset. Like a remote fob does.
I am not sure how to access the internals, reprogram etc without getting my hands on the original installation instructions.
I hate to go trying to pry on it or tearing it off the door without knowing if there is a simpler trick.

Thanks in advance for any help in finding install instructions.
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I might have The FSM somewhere in my pc, but I'm not pretty sure. You may find it at nicoclub or courtesy parts

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