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kick pods and big three?

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Hello, has anyone upgraded their electrical wires to the big three, and if so how many feet of wire did you use? i need 1/0 gauge and 10 bucks a foot, i dont want to measure short, and have to rebuy the correct amount.

And does anyone know if they make kick panels for the 2013 s model with a manual transmission? or am i s.o.l. and gonna have to make some custom ones?

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I was looking at the 0 Guage power wire from knukoncepts and the price can't be beat.

Just need to know the ground points. I don't mind being the first.
sorry i already have stinger wire, and not trying to mix match wires. its just a preference

knuconcept is a good deal tho, i have a few friends running it
Let ppl know where you ground at... Im putting in a filter tomorrow so Ill have a chance to look.
which ground are you talking about? the one for the battery to chassis, the chassis to engine, or the ground for the amps?

cause if the ground for the amps, i have a hole that i drilled in the rear cargo area, and sanded down to bare metal, using a bolt, nut and lock washer. the other grounds will probably use the factory locations
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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