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Kinda glad I didn't buy another Honda.

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Hey, what's up V lovers? I am new to the Nissan world. It's been a learning curve with a new platform. I'm so used to civics and intents and the availability of parts for them it has been an adjustment. But it seems to be rolling along nicely and I am enjoying the hell out of the V. I purchased a 2012 Brilliant Silver 4/12 and promptly totalled it :) A month later I am the proud owner of a 2012 Magnetic Grey 1.8 S. I rolled stock for a few months while I stacked parts and attacked it in time to get ready for the ILDS show last month. I was the only V there and it was great. Now I scrape everywhere I go and it's awesome. I have several mods in progress and will do a build thread soon. I am from Tampa, Florida if anybody is close and I've already been introduced to one of the forum members. Anything you want to know just ask. Thanks for the love so far.
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Welcome to the forums. Im glad you decided to go with a Versa. I like mine. Just wish it was a tad bit faster. Is your auto or manual?
Welcome. Post some more pictures of your car when you can! Good color choice on the second versa btw ;)
I knew speed was not the V's strong point but I research the mr family of engines and discovered the mr20de, mr18de and the mr16det are all the same block with different internals so the plan from day one has been a Juke motor swap. While I learn how to tune that I will be building a custom 2.0 block with forged internals. That's the only way I can see getting any real speed out of her. It's an open deck motor so anything bigger than 350hp with good pistons and rods would be pushing it. Somebody has to be the first, might as well be me. Oh and it's a 6 speed btw. And yes I am super pleased with the Grey, it seems a more mature color once I drove and owned it for a while. More pics from last months show otw.
yes mr20 swap is popular. check my vid for muffler delete:D manual rocks, welcome!
edit: i read the new civic 4 door gets flamed by reviewers for being too floppy/mature, but mazda3 and focus are sharper.
versa of course is umm comfortable lol, welcome!
Sounds good. Mine has only 107hp so at least 200hp would be nice. Would it be hard to swap the 1.6T in a V?
You in covington? If so I'm in the red hatch. I'm pretty sure i have seen you around here.
welcome to the forum... need more pics of your car!
You in covington? If so I'm in the red hatch. I'm pretty sure i have seen you around here.
My son and I point out V's when we see them and I think we peeped you the other day. That red is hot. More pics are coming. I made a small album last night and took a few pics today while getting an alignment. After I wash and buff her tomorrow I will take some nice shots with the new ev5's. As far as I can tell the mr16det will be almost a drop in like the mr20de, but that's just the block. I have more research to do about turbo and exhaust clearance, intercooler piping, ecu tuning and while I'm at the swap I will probably want to do a wire tuck so there will be some harness work. Meanwhile I am trying to score some red recaros before Import face-off on the 20th. Wish me luck :thumb2:
Welcome to the forums. Can't wait to see a engine swap that isn't a MR20DE
Good to see more versa tuning I'm guessing you have The dc cold air, strut brace, and cat back. I wanted to go the same route, keep it all from one company, but I'm put off by cai's that sit so low in the engine bay. Wife and I are going to start mods next month, starting with the takeda short ram. We should have a mini meet up at the park, not sure how old your son is, but I take mine up to play there.
I would definitely recommend a short ram intake if you're afraid of hydro-locking. But the chances of getting a CAI flooded is quite low, unless you intentionally drive into a huge pool.
I agree about the meet. We have 5 local Vs...good enough for a BBQ and some pictures! :D
A mini meet sounds awesome. My neighborhood has some great parks and every Wednesday there is the meet at Jst4shw Autowerkz. Great cars and people meet on Wednesday and appreciate all attendees. Burgers and hot dogs and coleslaw sound delicious! Check out the YouTube link. My boy did a roll by for me so I could see it after we installed the new wheels. It's such a nice day I'm washing and buffing her for some fresh pics.

Lets make it happen. What days are you available? I work Wednesdays. :-(
The Wednesday night meet usually goes past midnight and sometimes as late as 3am depending on what crowd shows up so all are welcome even the night owls. As far as the mini meet I'm free on Saturdays usually all day unless there is a big show in like ILDS or HIN. I volunteer to bring the charcoal. We have great parks in my neighborhood or there are some awesome parks out in Polk county.
I uploaded a new album or picture I took yesterday.
What Honda did you have?

I've got a modified 97 Accord.
What Honda did you have?

I've got a modified 97 Accord.
CRX x 1
Civic eg x2
Civic ek x 2
Civic fg x1
Integra dc2 x1
Accord cg6 x1

My favorite had to be the '91 crx si or the gsr. I had a jdm b18c swapped into the gsr and it was an all motor freak. The crx was just a cool lil ride. Everyone of them had to have wheels and something done to the motor.
Nice list! Have any work done to them?

Ive always wanted a teggy
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