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Kinda glad I didn't buy another Honda.

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Hey, what's up V lovers? I am new to the Nissan world. It's been a learning curve with a new platform. I'm so used to civics and intents and the availability of parts for them it has been an adjustment. But it seems to be rolling along nicely and I am enjoying the hell out of the V. I purchased a 2012 Brilliant Silver 4/12 and promptly totalled it :) A month later I am the proud owner of a 2012 Magnetic Grey 1.8 S. I rolled stock for a few months while I stacked parts and attacked it in time to get ready for the ILDS show last month. I was the only V there and it was great. Now I scrape everywhere I go and it's awesome. I have several mods in progress and will do a build thread soon. I am from Tampa, Florida if anybody is close and I've already been introduced to one of the forum members. Anything you want to know just ask. Thanks for the love so far.
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Nice list! Have any work done to them?

Ive always wanted a teggy
All of them had some shit done to them. Lowered with wheels and some type of motor work. Basic bolt on to jdm swaps with high compression pistons to nitrous. I love this shit. Even if I can afford a Ferrari one day it will still have to have wheels and other goodies.
Gotcha. All the little goodies do add some more fun though.

Once I get the oil leak on the Honda fixed.....and then in a couple years save enough money ill be swapping a K series in it with a turbo. Prices hopefully will be down by then for all that stuff. Picture / parts list is in one of my original threads.

My dream car is a Dodge Viper....if I ever got a euro exotic id sell it, buy a viper, and build the Honda.
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