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Hello everybody, im a foreigner, came to US for my degree. I bought a car, finally, an 07 versa sl, had 66k miles, in very good shape, no accidents, saw the carfax report. I started driving it and I realised it had some problems to it. I have a knock in my front driver side wheel when I turn on very slow speeds, like on a parking lot. it is a single knock, when I turn the steering wheel to a certain point, then when I turn it straight I hear it again, I can feel it under my feet and in the steering wheel as well. took it back to the place I bought it from, theyre saying I have a slightly bent strut or a shock absorber, whatever you call it. I know way less about cars than all of you guys, this is my first car, so I thought that the shock stays one spot when car turns, so turning the wheels shouldnt bother it, right? Ive heard that an axle could make that noise as well but sears where I did my alignment and the mechanic whos looking at it now says that the axle is ok. I would appreciate any comments, and sorry if I posted on something that has already been talked over, I couldnt find anything. Btw this forum is great, I learned how to stop the rattling sound in my dashboard thru here. Thanks again.
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