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Ksport coilover issue

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I installed my KSport coilovers today on the V but the rear is high on one side then the other. Yes i installed coilovers many of times before, but this is just baffling me. Everything was measured the same for both sides. Any suggestions or theory's would be apprechiated.
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do you have them spun all the way down? you have anything in the car that would way down that one spot? how even is the ground you're on?

to get it as close to level as possible you're going to have to measure from the center of the wheel to the fender while it is on the ground, jack it back up and adjust it.
Thats odd, I hope you figure it out.
Well after driving to work yesterday its even.... I guess it needed to settle more....thanks guys
Post pics when you can please. I'd like to get coilovers later on. :)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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