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Tisk Tisk, I hate reading these posts as well...often the result of careless drivers out on the road. It's okay to be at fault, but if it happens, at least own up to it. Unfortunately, most of those careless drivers never do, making it more fun to deal with them after they have destroyed your car! BUT, nonetheless, at least you're alright and Nissan seems to be taking care of your needs as far as repairs. Just be careful when you're out, and I might add, great maneuverability on the road, it sounds like you were able to avoid the worst of it! Good luck on the fix and rental car, let us know what happens!

Btw, Don't give up on keeping her nice, it's worth it even when careless people are inevitable. Your 20K car is still more bada** than their car because you take care of it lol
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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