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I think it's Lamin-X that produces those "smoke" tints for your headlights and taillights.

Anyone have any experience with these?
Do they look good?
Easy to install?

I wanna get them but I'm not sure how well they work. I guess I might just have to be the tester for this product.
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night shade

for my tail lights i used night shade spray tint i get it from a custom shop called slow joes here its 10 bucks flat no tax if you pay cash but here is a site with it

it works real good take a look and u might like it
i used the spray on my s13 as well. any hobby store should have it. just be warned if you dont clear over it very very soon it will look like ass. my peeled and faded quick. so if you use spray i cant stress enough to use clear coat.
yeah no one told me that when i did it so is doing the same so im going to do it over but ill do the hole light this time tho
I'm more interested in the tint covers just because of the fact that if I ever have problems with police I won't have to buy new headlights or taillights. They could just be peeled off :)
Here Is Ok To Have It Cops Cant Do Nothing About It Cuz Its A Spray Not Tint So There Nothing They Can Do As Long As They Can See Your Lights Tho It You Are Fine
Yeah.. I mean if I did couldn't I just use some paint thinner to rub it off?
I have them on my foglights, they're easy as pie to install. They're already pre-cut so all you have to do is align it and put on. That easy!
hmmm $60?
or like $20?
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