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Largest battery that will fit 2015 Versa SV stock battery tray?

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Long story short, I put a 51R in my car because all of the stores said it was the right one. Now the Positive connector is prying away due to the tension from the battery being too tall, 8.2". So, I have to get a new battery. What is the widest/longest battery that will fit? From what I have found, 10.4" long, 6.9" wide, 7.9" tall
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I myself just buy a good battery of average price and at least 3 year warranty. I found when testing and selling them in parts you overpay for the whopping 7 year warranties, some will make it but the average batteries adding all of those in too still last from 3.5 to 4.5 years and that is it. I warrantied so many batteries that never made 6 or 7 years I could not count them. Yet the average 2 year battery will commonly make 3 years. Just finished an experiment with 2 year ones, they are in two cars and both at over 3 years old but they do not last long enough when sitting. Let them sit and they won't crank after about 3 weeks and you have to jump them, but drive them every day or other day and there is no problem at all. When they die I will go back to the firm 3 year ones, less trouble when the cars sit. The computers just never stop eating power, and why they run down.

There were a lot of collector cars in my parts store area and those guys went overboard when buying batteries and then they commonly never charged them to let the cars sit a lot and then they came back with many bad batteries after 2-3 years that were supposed to be 7 or even 8 year batteries and then the complaints started. They expected the batteries to last 7 years simply letting them sit to be able to turn key and go but not that way at all.
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