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Largest wheels?

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What is the largest wheels that can fit on the Versa 1.8 S Hatchback? 18, 19, 20 inches? and what is the widest tire you can put on the Versa with said wheel? All of this with out any rubbing or scraping LOL! Sorry for the newb question. Thanks for any answers.
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my guess might be 18x8 but that may even rub on turns. good question
I think I saw someone have 20's, but he had a little custom work to the back, and as far as the front, the wheels can't be turned all the way. Plus in hard bumps, it rubs every time. Id go with 17's. 17's look really nice on a Versa.
20's would fit. I run a 215/45zr18. 225/35zr20 or maybe 225/30zr20 would fit no problem no modification needed. Ride like shit though
Yea 20"s would fit. I did it. Ran a 225/30/20 no rubbing....theo guy on here...superskunk I think had 20"s too! But that's the biggest you could go without cutting stuff out

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my guess might be 18x8 but that may even rub on turns. good question
thats what i have now, no rubbing at all, still has the same turn radius with the stock wheel
Niceee, yeah im running 17x7.5 and im easily clear.

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Honesty do 225/30r20 tires fit on the 2015 Nissan versa..?
Why would anyone put 19-20” size wheels on Versa. For one:

1) They are heavy as F
2) The ride is bad enough and will be worse
3) Your MPG will decrease
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