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latch fixed, panel cracked into pieces

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Check before you leave any body-shop!

I found out my hatch door didn't lock from the dash last Thursday (cold -18 to -20). I took it to dealer immediately around noon to fix that plus brake noise when steering right.

I picked up the car at the end of the day and was told that the latch was fixed, and panel has to be replaced too.

I was....ok.....until...I checked the panel at a nearby coffee shop. They will call me back when part arrives next week. So, we'll see.

I've owned the car for less than 7months. Things start to fall apart???


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that looks like if anything the dealer did that
yeah the panels are a tad pit flimsy i found out the hardway
I don't see how that can just fall apart on it's own. I think something hit it which caused it to crack.
As long as they fix it under warranty then it will be back to normal ...
Removing that panel can be tricky. You need to pull up on it rather than just out. If it's cold, it'll shatter.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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