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Leather seats, opnions please

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I'm thinking about getting some leather seats for my Tiida, they are on sale on
My local dealer.

So I'd like some opnions about the which colour should I get.

I don't want any blue or red, or yellow seat. I'm just looking for something simple and a bit more classy.

I have a silver Tiida HB with black interior, they don't sell cars with beige interior in Brazil.

I saw this Tiida axis Of a girl from Russia round here, guess the seat were something like brown not pretty sure.

I'd like the seats to be a little bit more lighter than plain black.

Does anyone have leather seats not black ? And could post some pictures?
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Glad no beige cuz gets dirty easily imo. If you like something classier, get something that already looks aged. Perhaps it may look out of place on a Tiida/Versa, but maybe that's a good thing! I'd love to see something totally different! My two cents, 08v
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