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Legal Racing in VA

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Wacky Wednesday at Langley Speedway Hampton VA

First Wednesday of the season will be April 18 2012 @7pm
This one will be free to watch and $10 to enter the pit area (drivers and crew)
Every Wednesday after will be $5 to watch and $15 to enter pit area

More info found here: Langley Speedway - Wacky Wednesday
and here:
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I would totally go on the 18th if I had my own car while in down there.... DAMN IT!!!!

Now I really wanna just drive myself down there.
So do it lol drive it down the versa its great for long trips I have made that trip many times it's the best car that I have taken
we're already dead set in taking my dads and brothers car.. neither of whichg i would want at a track day. hahaha. and i would have to pay for all my gas and drive straight there alone after working 10 hours. not happening. haha
Iv made the trip after working 13 hours not fun at all lol
Yeah. And were driving overnight.. I have to work 530-1130 am, and then 5-9 pm. As soon as I get home we're leaving. Should be in VA around 11:00 on Saturday morning. I'm supposed to drive the first leg of the journey (maine-jersey) and then my brother will take over. Btw, we should get together sometime while I'm down there!
Yes we should it will be fun
send me a pm with your number and i'll text you while im down there.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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