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If you thought that Rixxu product line is already complete with all possible options and they have nothing left to surprise you with, you were wrong. Today we are back with another exciting release from this brand - Glo Series Seat Covers.

With these seat covers on you can not only protect your factory upholstery from wear and tear but also light up your interior with color LED lights, that are added around the perimeter of seat covers. With the wireless remote, you will easily select the color of LED lights, change brightness, speed, pattern, etc. to create an incredible light show inside your Nissan Versa. Watch a detailed video review from our tech expert Greg to find out more.

Rixxu™ - Glo Series LED Seat Covers with RGB Function

Rixxu™ | Seat Covers, Tonneau Covers, Automotive Accessories —

Take your vehicle's interior to the next level with Rixxu Glo Series Seat Covers!
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