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locking doors no longer beeping

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This just started happening, but when I lock my doors through the remote, it no longer beeps, and the back lights don't flash anymore. Usually, a case of the entries aren't shut, but everything is closed.
Does anyone else have this problem and know a fix?
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Interesting, when we got our Versa the first thing I did was to disable the beep. Don't you think honking horn without a good reason is rude? It is meant for emergencies, do you consider arming your car security an emergency? It's a shame the car comes from dealership with this "moron mode" activated. There are expensive car alarms that chirp, which is OK. The cheap ones honk the horn and this is not OK unless you are a moron and want to disturb and scare people around you.
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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