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long island, new york

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whats up guys.... is there anyone from long island new york... if soo we should make a meet... im seeing alot of versa looking nice on the long island expressway.
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im down for a drive and to meet so new versa
yeah its still to cold to have meets lol im guessing there is only 3 v owners in new york
yeah i see alot of versa.. idk if they are still on the other versa forum or not..

rob... just a little close haha like maybe 3 hours..

i think as a forum we should go to car shows like hot import nights and put our cars in there with like decals and flyers all over maybe that will bring more versa owners on
haha yeah im rolling on two stock wheels and two gold rims hit a pot hole and bent my rim
I will soon enough... but I damn sure aint rolling out there stock ass hell...

I ordered my wheels, doing major suspension next.... :)
we still on for the meets? the warm weather is HERE !!!!! FINALLY

Awkward? Not at all... I've been going to meets and organizing meets for a very long time

Usually there are 3 types of meets
1. Cookouts (bbq)
2. Parking lot meets (talk and take pictures)
3. Install meets (my favorite, install parts)
no way what happen? man i thought i was gonna be chilling with some versa soon
stillhere doesnt have the Versa anymore, but Im sure he'll still make it out!
hey respondingversa. yea that sounds like a good idea. what part of brentwood are you from. do you go out to like deer park ave on friday and saturdays?

Hey I'm from Brentwood as well maybe we can meet.
which way up by fifth or down by route 111? well meet up one day and get some meets running hopefully we get more versa involed. here man give me a buzz or text i send you my number over the message.. im going away tonight to ocean city md with my girlfriend and her parents but ill be back wed.. so any day after that im down to meet
im down to meet up same with respondingversa we have talked about getting more versa we seen alot of versa but no one is coming on the forums. but ajax if you want to meet up im down. any more versa in queens?
we can set up a meet when everyone can. think of a place and time. or even if theres a car show coming up maybe we can take a ride and go
alright here we go i got some car shows...

Bayville Car Show: Halloween at the Beach
Presented by New York AutoFest
Date: October 31, 2010
Time: 8:00am - 4:00pm
Ransom Beach
Bayville, NY


Long Island Car Show & Swap Meet
Presented by
Date: November 6 - 7, 2010
Time: 8:00am - 5:00pm
Belmont Racetrack
Elmont, NY

now you guys pick a date and maybe we can go i love going to the belmont racetrack there are some sick cars there... so now its up to you guys.. let me know
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I wanna put my versa in so bad
yea we should diff do something in the spring. im down to drive anywhere
so when are we going to do a road trip? or a meet ? its getting warm time to talk pictures
who the guy near my girlfriend? cause i dont think he wants to join :cussing
eko1130 its getting to cold for meets now lol but maybe we can get something going on just to meet up and bullshit.
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