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long island, new york

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whats up guys.... is there anyone from long island new york... if soo we should make a meet... im seeing alot of versa looking nice on the long island expressway.
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Hey I'm from Brentwood as well maybe we can meet.
I live on the east side on suffolk ave, Used to go to dpa but i have to wake up early so i cant go at nights.
We did meet several times and always talk about getting more versas, I ok with another meet the more versas the better
I'd like to go on the 7th to belmont hopefully Ajax can go that day
Cool so the 7th of november will be the Ny region meet of nissan versa forums
it will be nice if some versas from jersey can make the trip elmont is not to deep into the island
It will be nice if we get some members from Jersey I know theres a couple around.
I haven't talked to porkchop, or ajax in some time, but I'm sure we will meet again just not now its too cold.
I may or not be away for the spring but if I'm here and you guys are interested in Nassau Coliseum on weekend they have autocross events for i believe 50$.

The grill worked out great thanks, I love how it looks. I took of the emblem till I can get it painted black. Here is how it looks.
Are you ready to take another stab at the fog lights.

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I don't like the cold neither. I found a way to get the parking lights to stay on but will not do that until its a least 40 degrees. I'm going to put these on the turn signal
We should me and porkchop might meet up,tonight in parking that sometimes gets filed with modified cars.
There is also another memember from ny who might be interested.
1 - 13 of 59 Posts
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