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long island, new york

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whats up guys.... is there anyone from long island new york... if soo we should make a meet... im seeing alot of versa looking nice on the long island expressway.
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did this meet ever happen? i live in queens and work out in long island, and id be willing to meet up
Never been to something like that before. Looks interesting though, and im free on sundays...
Anybody else in NY, NJ or CT that can make it to Belmont racetrack November 7th?! Lets get more versas out there!
Yeah lets wait till spring at least. Btw hows that 2010 grill working out for ya manny?
Looks nice. Yeah im not done with the fogs but im gonna wait till it gets warmer out so i can take my time exploring the guts of the car
Thats pretty cool. Front turn signals right?
LadyO, where about in queens? im in east elmhurst by the bqe/grand central
1 - 10 of 59 Posts
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