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Look What I Got!

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Sorry idk how to resize with bbcode. lol
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New rims? If that's what we're looking at the sweet mate!

Loving the black!

What size are they?
You purchased the wheels from Discount Tire? They almost look like mine except for the color.
The wheels are 17's and the tires are 215/45/17 (Falken tires)

VersaMG are your wheels MB Drifters? :D
Mine are made by Drag, DR-17 with 215/45/17 goodyear eagle gt tires
Oh those are the wheels I was going to buy! lol

I was looking at these Drags but I decided not to get them. They were the black ones but they said drag on one of the spokes. I like it a lot.

I have 215/45/17 Falken tires.
Those wheels made a big difference on your ride.
Thanks guys.

I think my next item is going to be fog lights. I hate seeing those covers. Gotta put some fogs there!
how much were the rims?
i think next time i have to do drill and get my drill pay for ARNG im gonna use it to buy some rims!
my rims were 375 even off ebay and tires were just over 500 :/
i have to go to drill again here soon sooo hopefully if no bills come in
i might havce some extra cash for once.
It was like $380 for my wheels and like $5xx for the wheels or something like that. Out the door it was $950.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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