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Halogen Replace 18W High Power 6 OSRAM LED Fog Light Lamps for Nissan Infiniti | eBay

I did a kit myself meaning you will have to add a wiring harness and relay if you have a base model like mine which is not pre-wired for Fogs. Also you will have to buy the OEM fog light brackets. Probably cost me about $150 and some change to do it my route. I also added a yellow film to glass to protect the lenses and look more visible in bad weather. The led are pretty bright, mines are rate at 3,200k but you can also get the 6000K which would be even brighter if you want better visibility. My route is better for the Base model guy but if you want a complete kit, your better off with the OEM because you get the wiper stalk. I can actually drive with just the fogs on at night if I wanted too because the Leds are great.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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