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Looking for upgrade advice.

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Hello Versa enthusiasts,

The past few days I've been browsing your forums looking into a few things. After hours of reading I've decided to sign up and join the discussion. It seems like an excellent place to get a few of the answers I'm looking for from you "people in the know", so here it goes!

A year ago I purchased a used 2008 Versa 1.8s hatchback 6 speed manual with 32k on it in great shape, as well as the 100k warranty. I now have 48k and she runs great. I have recently saved up some money to put into her, around $600. Now I just need to figure out what to buy!

I've pretty much decided I want the Tekeda SRI, and probibly a new exhaust system. However I'm not sure what exhaust to go with. Something that sounds nice but not ridiculously loud. I've read good things about the Stillen Axle-Back, however I don't know if that includes a muffler or if that's a seperate purchase. Also, would either of these items void my warranty or impact my emissions inspection?

Please share your thoughts and knowledge, and feel free to recommend other options for me to put my money into.

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Welcome to the forums bud.

For an intake, if money is a virtue, I would go with a drop in K&N air filter (something I plan to install soon) since it looks stock, and no warranty issues will arise with this install..or so I think. As for an exhaust, if you want to avoid any warranty issues, look for the nismo catback exhaust. It is a nissan product, so it should be good to install and avoid any warranty issues.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask man. once again, welcome.
If allowed in your area, try muffler delete. See sig. Welcome!
Thanks for the responses.

As for my warranty the exhaust is fine, I don't believe any exhaust parts are covered so it shouldbt matter. And for the SRI ill just have to pull it off and pop the stock back on if I plan on getting warranty work done.

In New York sadly it is not possible to do a muffler delete. That's why I was asking on here what the best sounding axle or cat back is. Also do those come with a new muffler? My final issue is ground clearance on a new exhaust. I live on some pretty rough roads and an exhaust that hangs too low would get destroyed.

Thanks again everyone.
Intake and exhaust won't void any warranties I've talked to the dealership about this already, anything to increase the value of the car is approved. Honestly from what I read you just want a nice sounding car, from these two upgrades you won't have any increase in power you will feel. You may just want to get a new muffler on your car, it's a lot cheaper and will do basically the same thing.
Hey man, welcome to the forums! Check out the DC Sports catback system, i've read up on it and can't find anything wrong with it. I know its on Ebay for $493 or so....if your looking for just to get a better sound and spend a little less money theres an axle back at, APEXi exhaust - Blitz exhaust - Greddy exhaust - HKS exhaust - Invidia exhaust - Tanabe exhaust , its $130 cheaper, but obviously you won't get much of any horsepower gain. It also says that it is under the legal db limit, so you won't have any issues as far being too loud. Like I said i'm still debating between the two.
Welcome again!
Hmm sounds good. I priced the Tekeda SRI and Stillen axleback from Versaspeed and total came out to 480$. That's right where I wanted to be. And yeah I hear ya on the more expensive exhaust however theres something about the sound of an SRI that I love. So that combo seems to be a good option. Anyone have the Stillen axleback who can tell me the ground clearance? I can't lower my car so I need the clearance for stock height.

And thanks for all the welcomes! Seems like a great community.

Edit: If you think a different muffler would serve my purpose rather than a cat or axleback, what muffler would you recommend that doesnt sound like a straight piped 4cyl Chevy cavalier?
The Stillen axel back will sit a little low on the S bumper. Any decent exhaust shop will be able to heat the hangers up and bend them to make it not sit so low.
That's way to much money for an axle-back, I paid that much for my cat-back. Bob has a lot of stuff on his site l, but its over priced. Check mircoimage, or autoanything.
If I remember correctly I got my axel back straight from Stillen for 250.
That price is for both the SRI and the axleback shipped. Doesn't seem outrageous from what I've seen. though I will shop around.

I guess the point I'm trying to get at is, would the Tekeda SRI and stillen axleback provide me with decent sound as well as a slightly noticeable power increase? Or is there some other component that would fill that role better?

Sorry for rambling, but its a lot of money for me to spend and I just want to be totally sure its the right move.
Okay, update and another question. I ordered the Tekeda SRI. Cant wait for it to come in. And I held off on the stillen axleback. I really feel like I would prefer to get a catback, but the price is holding me back. So after some investigation I found out that a guy in my fire department owns an exhaust pipe bender. So I thought that maybe I would order a Borla or flowmaster muffler, and custom bend a stainless steel pipe from the cat to the muffler.

Has anyone else done this? Does it sound like a good idea? Or should I go another route? Any thoughts or recommendations for mufflers would be appreciated!
Yeah you can do that, just make sure you bend it to the shape of your OEM system, and that your connections are tight. Also 2.25" is the biggest I would go for the exhaust tip.
I happen to work with a guy who is a professional welder so he will weld it all for me free! This seems to be coming together well!

Just two final questions:
1. What diameter pipe should I run from Cat to exhaust?
2. What make/model muffler should I get? (Pref stainless steel)

Also thanks JVersa for the quick response.
1.75" for your piping, and Apexi, and HKS make nice muffler systems.
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