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Loss of power on acceleration

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I have just purchased a pre-owned 2010 automatic - no CVT and intermittent and recently - driving on interstate vehicle lost power and no response with accelerator - occurred for 15-20 seconds. Tapped on acceleration continuously, it eventually responded. Took to Nissan Dealer, and they replaced the transmission. It happened again - at the dealer because it is intermittent, and there are no failure codes in ECM. They are not sure.
Has anybody heard of this or experienced this before?
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my old car did this. except the power never came back really. I'd say it may be something with the fuel pump or something related to it?
I had a similar issue with a previous car and it was the fuel pump.
Hello: My 2008 Versa MT with 160K miles had the same issue. It would suddenly start slowing down at 65MPH (3000 RPM) and depressing the throttle had no effect. The slowing continued until the engine reached about 2500 RPM at which point I could increase speed to around 65 MPH then it would slow again. This sequence continued until I got into town. In town there were no issues. This occurred every day for 3 days in a row some in the morning and some in the evening and under different engine loading conditions. There were no visual indications of a problem, no check engine, no dash lights, nothing. I plugged in a data logger and monitored all ODBII data available. The data indicated that the alternator voltage was varying from approximately 14V (at 2500 RPM) to less than 12V (at 3000 RPM); at the same time both oxygen sensor voltages would vary as well as other related outputs. Even though a load test indicated the alternator was operating correctly, I replaced the alternator and the problem went away. Examination of the removed alternator revealed the slip clutch was excessively slipping at high RPM resulting in a low voltage condition. Data logger data is now steady and correctly indicates proper data changes correlated to throttle position. My theory is that the voltages in the ECM are well regulated whereas the sensors rely on alternator voltage which is normally regulated but in this case were allowed to vary outside of normal limits. The ecm was responding to the varying O2 sensor data and either leaning out the mixture thus starving the engine and reducing RPM and power or going into limp home mode (which limits engine to 2500 RPM). I rejected the limp home mode theory because there were no codes indicated and no pending codes stored; the shop manual indicates that if the ecm goes into limp home mode, it will throw a code that indicates what caused it to go into limp home mode. Summary: In my case of loss of power at highway speeds; replacing the alternator eliminated the problem. The problem has not happened again in over 2 weeks of driving over 100 miles per day.
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Strange, I had similar problems with mine about 4-5 times about a year ago. Its a 2007 6 speed and when accelerating in gear: the car would rev up and lack power... almost as if the clutch is seriously slipping. The revs would gradually increase as the car sits at the same speed. I think mine was something to do with the drive-by wire or accel pedal, not my clutch or transmission.
2007 versa acceleration issue

Experienced acceleration problem with versa. Noticed that had no brake lites as well.....took to Nissan dealer...replaced brake lite switch....Problem corrected....Acceleration back to normal and brake lites working...
WOW...1st thought was tranny.....
Once I had this issue while I was on highway at around 60 mph. The car suddenly jerked and power went off and rpm down, Later when I checked I found that the battery frame and the metal sticks for supporting battery were touching the terminals of battery as it was loose that would disrupt the power flow. The battery holding mechanism is very poor. Just check if your battery is loose and shaking from its place.
My friend from DSRLeasing also had similar problems and fortunately for him it was easily solved as fuel pump diagnosed and no further issues after fixing that.
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