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Love my Versa..

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Hi! You can call me Mac and I'm from the Richmond, VA area. I fell in love with the Versa hatchback, when it first came out, but didn't end up buying one until the 2009s came out! I've never been that into cars, but I'm starting to take a serious interest in it now and I'm thrilled about the opportunity to talk to other Versa owners.

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Welcome Mac, I take it you're not too fun of PC lol. Seriously, welcome to the forum. Hope you find everything you looking for here.
Welcome glad to see another va member here
Hi, welcome to the forums. I'm from Hampton myself. Check out my thread.
More VA in this place.... Cheers
Welcome to the forums.
welcome Mac!! enjoy the forums
Welcome! I hope you enjoy it here
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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