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Lowering car, which size wheel to go with.

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I'm in the process of lowering my 09' sedan but I'm not sure which wheel size to go with. The area I live in has poor streets so I'm worried that the random bumps and pot holes will causes damage. I'm thinking of a wheel size of 16" thank you for the help.

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being with alot of poor roads, i would stick with 16's 17's will look good, but I would worry about the pot holes
Versas have a big wheel well and need something bigger to fill them, id say 17's.
wheels and tires pack cost much more then the lowering coils them selves so I figure it would be best to get both first and then instali within the same day but I'm just getting lower coils what will happen to my suspension do I need to get more then coils?
Just swap out the springs, youll be fine.

The lowering springs put more stress on the stock struts/shocks cause theyre not made be compressed that much with the aftermarket springs but you will be ok. It just shortens the life of the oem struts/shocks a little.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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