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LSD for Versa????

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Anyone noticed how Bob now has to offer an LSD for the Versa on versaspeed site?????? IDK about you all but I think that's F'ing awesome lol. Pricey but you can now say you have an LSD on your VERSA!!!! Great job Bob :grin
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If you want any sort of track worthiness, you need it, the stock diff on these cars is a joke. The thing turns into a one-wheeled wonder at the slightest hint of a turn.

you'll get more torque steer, but traction in all conditions would be much better.

I don't know that I'll ever progress far enough on building this car to warrant one, but I think it's great that it's there.
I wonder if it's the same parts that come in the new Juke transmission. I never saw an add on LSD for RS6F94R transmission before. That is the tranny that comes on the sentra, versa and juke with the MR series engines. The Versa with the HR engine uses RS5F91R which nissan also has a LSD for. Part number on that is 38420-RSK25-A.

edit: just read the versaspeed add and it's for a viscous lsd. The new juke tranny comes with helical lsd so not the same parts. I wonder where this LSD that bob is selling even comes from.
im guessing that this LSD wont work with the CVT transmissions
It's a Renault TL4 box i believe, which Quaife makes a helical LSD for.

Quaife Renault Clio 197 200 TL4 LSD ATB Differential | eBay

Limited slip would be great in the winter here...
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