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2008 Nissan Versa SL 1.8 L 131K Miles
Recently Replaced -
Timing Chain Kit - New
Water Pump - New
Alternator - New
Starter - Used (Good Condition)
Crankshaft Sensor - New
CamShaft Sensor - New
Spark Plugs - New
Ignition Coils - New
Throttle Body - Used (Good Condition)

The Mechanic I Trusted For The Job Screwed Me Over.. He Told Me I Also Need Cylinders 1-3 Repaired (Bent Valves) Which He Claimed He Got Fixed. No Compression.
(Not Sure) If It Was Actually Done.

He Got My Car Running But It Is Really Rough When Accelerating.. Shaky And Vibrates At Under 40 MPH. Turns Off When Idling On (Drive)

OBD2 Scanner P0300 & P0302
Cylinder 2 Misfire P0302
Multiple Cylinder Misfire P0300

I Have Not Replaced Fuel Injectors

At This Point I Think I May Have A Bad ECM
Electronic Computer Module

Or My Cylinders Were Not Fixed (Bent Valves)

When Car Runs Check Engine Light Blinks Momentarily and Goes Away.


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To tell you the truth, its a little "late in the game" for you to get any really solid feedback as to what could be the problem. If you took it to a "mechanic" and paid good money to have it repaired, and you got it back in the condition you state, he is NO MECHANIC!!! If he actually has a business, your next step would be to possibly get a lawyer and sue his company. If he is a "shade tree" mechanic, then all bets are off. Good luck
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