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latest news received today, the MU club wants to score Corentin Tolisso, Barca waits for Neymar
Mu definitely Corentin Tolisso linktructiepbongda
Not only is he planning to invite Mauricio Pochettino, M.U is also heading to the important CN target of Corentin Tolisso.
Sport Bild reported, the Red Devils are discussing the terms of the deal with Bayern Munich, the goal of having Tolisso is only about the earliest.
M.U refers to Tolisso as one of the first bricks for the Pochettino era tysobongda.
In Pochettino's tactic always needs a versatile central midfielder. Tolisso completely solves this requirement.

This season, Tolisso lost its place in Bayern Munich. However, the 25-year-old French midfielder is still invited by the European territory clubs. In addition to Mu, the former Lyon midfielder was also approached by Arsenal and Juventus.
Manchester United universal ability to not hold Matic. Andres Pereira and Paul Pogba are most likely to leave. McTominay was constantly injured, so Vice President Ed Woodward and Tolisso came back to make gifts for Pochettino ti le bong da truc tuyen
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