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Manifold cover paint

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What type of paint do you guys recommend to paint the manifold cover? I think about painting mine gray to match the exterior.
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The intake manifold? I would leave it black IMO.
The cover part with the Nissan logo.

I bought this stuff, made for PVC, plastic, hard vinyl. No priming needed, dries in 1 hour and chip resistant within a week. It's a gray textured color.
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i used that krylon fusion white but it gets dirty kinda fast i clear it alot and still dirty so im going to try a diff color but clean it really good and it drys almost right away so its fast to dry but do one pass and then give it time to dry and keep going tell your happy makes a diff as you can see

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I want to do this too and paint mine red.

Versa s 2007: What paint did you use? Did you not put the NISSAN symbol back on? I want to take mine off to paint but I want to put it back. How do I get it off? AND How do I put it back on?

I still need to find the right fabric to cover my cargo tray, and make a carpet for the trunk.
i put it on and then sarah tried to take it off and its really easy to brake it and it cant buy it by it self i have to buy the hole manifold cover to get that lil thing so, 63 bucks ill get one before the car show up here but when missing with it there are 4 lil hooks u have to bend to get it off do it slow if you do it fast it will brake ask the rest of us that have done it it kinda sucks but its really easy to paint
Hmm ... Sounds tricky, and knowing myself I would probably break it off.

What about simply taping it up? I'll really have to think twice about painting it then, lol. :lol:
yeah u could do it like blindsnyper did his look in the oil catch can thing that it a new post and u can see his cover but yea just tape it off we did that at 1st and then did the hole white so yeah u can do that
oooohhhh!!! I like a lot! I waxed the car this weekend and checked the oil and while I was under the hood, I was thinking of dusting stuff off -blech, dirty! Painting the cover would definitely add some pizazz! I'm thinking red as well or purple.
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